Led by Dr. Robin Martin, we are a full-service leadership development and executive coaching consulting company helping leaders and organizations get “unstuck” by translating business strategy into individual and group leadership development. We help leaders and organizations harness talent, solve complex problems, innovate with diversity and learn how to:


Be more courageous

Use their voice, privilege and power towards social change

Lead Beyond Fear


Services include:


  • Executive Coaching: Offer three-, six- and 12-month individual and group coaching for mid-level and C-suite executives.
  • Leadership Development: Provide on-site leadership trainings, design leadership curricula and partner with Human Resource departments to recruit and retain minority talent.
  • Diversity and Inclusion Training: Facilitate diversity and inclusion trainings, act as a recruitment and retention strategist and provide culture assessment training. Workshops include two and a half, full-, and one and a half-day sessions.
  • Motivational and Keynote Speaking: Provide customized, thought-provoking and engaging motivational keynote speakers with decades of experience for audiences of all sizes and types


What is Navigating Courage?


Navigating CouRAGE is an orienting leadership concept that helps leaders reduce their reliance on the cost-benefit analysis of their individual safety and survival and guide them toward real action and change that truly transforms individuals, organizations and systems. The change we now seek necessitates our individual and collective struggle to upend oppression in every form—including fear.


Navigating CouRAGE is a fight for humanity. At its core, it is a fight to ensure the destruction of all oppressive systems that deprive us of the connectivity we need to survive.

My Book!

Navigating Courage follows the leadership journey of Dr. Robin Martin, a first-generation college graduate whose career illustrates the personal and professional risks that lurk behind every opportunity afforded women of color in the workplace.


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